- Marieke Terpstra - proud founder of Brächa Design
And Pina
Making my purpose my business
In 2014 I started designing bags for my friends and family. In the mean time, I was also working as a creative director for Rob Peetoom hair salon on Bali. Being in contact with so many people every day, I was able to share my story and passion for creating bags. Then I realised that the demand for my bags started to grow.
Bracha design process
My first “wow”
I connected with a local tailor in Bali and together we were able to turn my ideas into really good and sustainable bags.Later on, a friend of mine gifted me a photoshoot. We made a collection of photos with the newly created bag samples  and shared them with my community online
My business was born: Brächa Design. The interest and sales in my bags grew rapidly and it was by then that I realised that Brächa was indeed a real a brand. Wow!
Doing good for you as a customer and the (local) community
My main goal is to make something sustainable, what will no go out of style by the next season (what is ‘out of style’ anyway?). My products will last a lifetime and add something to it, hopefully. Not just for you as a customer, but also for all the people involved in making our Brächa products.
I started my business also to create a countermovement from within, by developing exclusive and honest leather travel essentials. Brächa cooperates with local craftsmen, who work exclusively with the best materials. Many 'love' and 'care for detail' are incorporated in every product. Everyone in our ‘chain’ gains, so we all benefit.
And for me?
Brächa provides me with the freedom to work wherever I want and whenever I want. I am able to do what I do best: create beautiful and honest products together with many people all over the world. It’s where our key values come from: Freedom, Creativity and Sustainability. I feel fortunate that this opportunity came to me and I am proud of what we do at Brächa every day.
“If you want to tell me your story, just show me your bag. It says more than a thousand words….”
Bracha design Bags