Mother's day



Special Day for special person in your life.

Your mother is always there for you and been Carin lots of things for you al your years

The best gift for here on dis day is story teller item from Bracha what she can bring with here everday.

We also open to make special item for your Mother what you have only 1 Morther and that super special.

 Happy mother day X Marieke from Bracha design


BRACHA product are made with story and we like to know your story with your bag?

We will start Marking campine and like to hear from your the story with your bags on 1 day with fotos of your bag.


You are able to send your story with story teller bag from 1 day ?


Whats inside your bag ? Whats inside of your bag

Where do you with your bag or where do you go ?

Work,Friend or travel emtion picture with your bag.


We like to hear aboout yor story teller ….


Send emial to and will give you person story back.